Why Frontu is a better alternative to Comarch

Frontu is a better alternative to Comarch for companies who want greater detail in task creation and management.

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Why choose Frontu over Comarch?

  • Supports integrations with leading management tools and platforms
  • Create task templates that mirror real-life tasks to the last detail
  • Frontu offers an elite offline mode that allows your workforce to stay productive even without the Internet
  • Lets customers engage with tasks and offer iterations and feedback

Comparison table

Compare and contrast the differences between Frontu and Comarch

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Advanced offline mode
User experience
Tailored to different FSM sectors
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Benefits of working with Frontu


Create tasks that with an unrivaled level of detail

Creating tasks for your field service workers is one thing, creating tasks on Frontu is another thing. Frontu allows you to customize tasks to reflect specific project requirements, save them as templates and reuse them if and when they are necessary. Tasks are rarely the same in the FSM industry and having the freedom to tailor them to your needs is critical.  


Internet signal is a non-factor

Field service work comes with very specific challenges such as being out of the office for the majority of the day. Forntu addresses this specific pain point by ensuring that your technicians can keep delivering results without worrying about the Internet signal. Online or not, Frontu saves work, progress and data on the platform. 


Get your customers involved and engaged

What’s the best way to ensure high quality results and an even higher customer satisfaction? Let customers be part of the solution. Frontu comes with a special questionnaire section that allows customers to leave their comments, feedback and thoughts. 


Integrations with some of the best project management tool

Google Sheets, Zapier, Jira, Fleet Complete, and other integrations are available and ready to integrate with Frontu and take your productivity to the next level. 


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