The Frontu Story

Ensuring a smooth and reliable field service management experience

Frontu is a field service management software provider focusing on frontline field service workers. We deliver a digital solution for companies in heavy equipment, vending, facility management, utility, security, and HVAC industries. We offer versatile functionality and tailored add-ons to bring the next level of field service management experience.

Our story

We started our product to help field service companies tackle the problems caused by traditional operation management methods. Many modern organizations still heavily rely on pen and paper, increasing their risk of mistakes and errors.

As we dug deeper, we found out that the issue was much more significant. Unmotivated technicians, lost documents, decisions not based on data, long invoicing circle, and miscommunication between sales and service departments.

It became clear that the change had to start with frontline employees. After all, they are the ones working with customers and solving their issues, meaning that the product had to be designed for their needs first. That inspired us to transform our brand and become Frontu – a technician-first FSM software solution.


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