Connect Frontu With Powerful Tools

Get more value for your team by seamlessly integrating to industry-leading software



Our list of integrations is updated frequently. Explore each integration in its own separate page for more information.


Power BI

Collect data from multiple sources and turn them into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights.


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Power Automate

Microsoft users can easily connect their Power Automate account to a range of tasks such as email parsing from Jira. This is similar to tools like Zapier or Make, allowing users to do many different automated jobs.

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Fleet Complete

Connect to the leading asset management software provider and get operational control over your vehicles, cargo, and stationary assets. 


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Google Sheets

Plug in the popular spreadsheet analysis tool and collaborate with other people.

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Automate repetitive tasks between two or more apps and ​​unlock things like notifications, pre-made templates, workflows, and more.

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Ideal for the hospitality industry and professional property managers, this is a powerful and flexible cloud software integration to increase online bookings and keep inventory up to date on multiple distribution channels.

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Frontu API

Frontu API enables quick and easy exchange of data between your company’s software and Frontu. The software interface allows you to read data from Frontu such as: sync client list, create a task, download a task performance report. Our API works on REST principle when you can send and receive data in JSON or XML format.




Automate the repair and maintenance processes of your facility management workflow. Ideal for property mangers, landlords, office administrators and workers.

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