Frontu FAQ

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Frontu

How can I see tasks where the customer was unsatisfied?

You simply use the “rating” filter within the task window in the backend environment and see tasks based on the customer’s experience.

Can our customers create user profiles by themself?

No, users can only be created within the backend environment you have access to.

Can I find information about all tasks related to my project?

Yes, you can use the tag feature to filter out unnecessary tasks. Tag all tasks associated with your project and use the filter accordingly.

How can me and my customers find information about reaction time?

The information will be available within the final report.

Is it possible for each dispatcher to just see their office tasks?

Yes, dispatchers may filter out their office tasks by selecting their respective office.

How can I see tomorrow’s tasks?

Navigate to the calendar view and see tasks allocated in the next days, weeks, and months.

Can I create tasks by myself?

Yes, you can create tasks by simply selecting “Create new” at the top left corner within the backend environment. Technicians can also create tasks if needed through their portal.

Is it possible to create objects for technicians? How can I enter coordinates if the task location is in the park?

Yes, it is possible to extract coordinates by selecting the dedicated button in the New Object window, as well as with putting a pin on the map.

Is it possible to integrate with CRM or ERP systems?

Yes, it is possible, as long as the CRM or ERP system supports the API functionality.

How much does Frontu cost?

Please navigate to the Pricing page found at the top of our Homepage to find a detailed breakdown of our fees.