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A solution tailored to the needs of field service workers

Update Progress on Tasks in Real-Time

One of the main pain points for frontline workers has been the inconvenience of communicating their progress in real-time. Calling headquarters or printing documents not only slows down field service workers but it doesn’t ensure clear reporting. With Frontu, all manual processes are eliminated and workers can simply inform management about progress, obstacles, or needs with the click of a few buttons.

Have Your Schedule at The Palm of Your Hand

The day of a field service worker is filled with routes, tools, travelling, and adjusting plans on the go. With Frontu FSM software, workers can easily see their entire day-plan laid out in front of them on the screen, adjusting to factors like traffic and new information from management. Workers no longer have to worry about changed appointments, new locations or traffic jams – their phone tablet will do the dirty work for them. All they have to do is follow the plan and do their work.

Get Notified & Accept New Jobs on The Fly

Field service work is one of the most dynamic occupations in any industry. Requirements and jobs change in the matter of seconds and technicians need the tools to adjust in a matter of seconds. Frontu’s cutting edge software makes this process easy and seamless for both the manager and the technician. A manager can insert a new job in the system, the FS worker gets a notification on their tablet/mobile, accepts it and everything they need to do this new job is tight in front of them. Simple, easy and uninterrupted.

Get Customer Signatures & Evaluations on The Spot

Imagine finishing a job, pulling out a file full of documents, looking for a pen, flicking through papers and trying to get a signature from the customer. This process is outdated and inefficient. With Frontu, you can get the client to sign on the mobile or tablet on the spot. What’s more, you can get the customer to rate the service they have just received. Not only does the software increase productivity and decrease task completion, but it enables a better operational cycle altogether.

Document Digitization

No more files, folders, colour-coding or papers. Frontu ensures that all documents and information you need is in digital form, safe and sound on the cloud to access when you really need it.


Capture, Edit & Send Pictures To Make Your Life Easier

The job of a field service technician is often hard to put into words. The best way to showcase or explain a problem is to provide visual evidence. With Frontu, you can take pictures, apply edits such as circling the area of emphasis and leaving notes to make it even simpler for management to understand. This information can prove critical in resolving issues as well as having a detailed track-record of the job’s progress and life-cycle. You never have to leave the app and pictures can be attached on the job sheet.

Keep Working Without The Internet

Using Frontu does not depend on a good internet connection. Can you imagine being out in the field trying to do your job but the system keeps crashing due to bad reception? We made sure that Frontu can work offline, understanding the nature of field service work. Technicians can sign documents, update work status and do all things they need to do. What will happen is that the software will keep all the information and send it/register it on the cloud when the app is connected to the Internet again.

Track Location & Time

Knowing where your workforce is at all times enables better decision-making and a better utilization of resources. You can assign tasks in real-time based on workload and location and significantly improve your backlog management. What’s more, with NFC technology and barcode scanning, you are now aware when a job begins and ends in real-time. You are no longer in limbo, waiting for the technician to call you or return to base to report, or bring back rtme-sheets. Management becomes easier, interactive and adds value at every step of the way.

Live Inventory Monitoring

Managing your workforce is the first and obvious need but keeping an eye on tools and inventory is equally important. Frontu allows a live update of stock, materials, tools and inventory levels. You’ll never run out, always know when to put orders in, and allocate them equally across technicians and jobs. The impact on productivity and efficiency will be felt instantly.

Job History, Stats & Reports

Forget Excel spreadsheets, statistical modelling or the painful or the headache of trying to make numbers make sense. Frontu allows you to turn raw data into visual assets, as well as plan and forecast with the click of a few buttons. It eliminates manual processes, eliminates the time spent on interpreting the numbers and allows you to make informed decisions based on numbers and data.


Integrate With Other Management Systems

While Frontu specializes in solving FS problems and roadblocks, there’s a lot more it can offer your business. Frontu’s technology stack allows you to integrate with accounting, CRM, and warehouse management systems, customizing the solution to better serve your needs. Whether it’s Jira, Google Sheets, Zapier or more, there’s so much you can do with the software. Frontu can act as the baseline, the foundational piece for an extended, comprehensive solution that can propel your business to new heights. Using Frontu, you can centralize operations, instead of jumping from software to software.

The App is Localised in Your Language

The Frontu app gives you the opportunity to choose between different languages. Currently, the available options are: English, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian and Polish. The more Frontu grows, the more we will expand the list of languages.



Our extensive list of additional modules allows detailed customization.
Build Frontu to serve you, your team, your business, your industry.


Utilities Add-On

This module is designed for companies that use meters in their daily routine. A meters database is visible in the Frontu app and can be filtered by object number, customer number, object, serial number, owner and status. Technicians have all the detailed information they need about meters and no longer have to check documentation or the back of their car to read codes, or serial numbers. Changes, edits and installations are all tracked and reported through the app.

Contractors Add-On

Managing external contractors can be a tall task for FS companies. Frontu’s contractor’s module is designed to help you solve communication and management issues as well as build a relationship with your suppliers and service providers that will strengthen both businesses. Create contractor profiles and filter them by title, tags, domain and creation date. You can rate them, manage them and communicate with them through the app. The add-on makes life easier for both parties as contractors get all the information they need to do their job.

Shift Workers Add-On

The shift workers add-on was specifically designed to address the needs of verticals that have to use guardia and shifts as part of their extended FS work. The add-on has the unique feature to log in into the same device for separate users (executors) using their own PIN codes. Guards can log their entries, so keeping track of shifts becomes easier to manage.


Cash-Collection Add-On

Collecting cash can be a tall task but with the cash-collection add-on you can plan the collection on your route schedule and simply scan QR/NFC codes. No more pending payments, unanswered calls or trying to find documents to sign.

SMS Add-On

Establish a closer relationship with your clients and ensure you never miss an appointment. Send SMS messages through the app as reminders or get visitation approval. Job documents, progress reports, data and messages all found in one place. No need to look through emails, or personal messages.

Samsung KNOX MDM Add-On

Get fully remote access and device management capabilities with this add-on to control every single part of the app. It’s the ultimate project management and operational feature that gives you the ability to oversee and optimize day-to-day processes. 

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