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Why choose Frontu facility management software

  • Register customer request at the click of a button
  • Have all your vendors and suppliers in one platform where you can communicate and keep up to date
  • Get instant feedback from your customers with customizable questionnaires
  • Keep track of materials and resources

Features tailored to your facility management business

Real-time team management

Reach your team and manage their work in real-time wherever you are. Employees can register task statuses, log in their progress and client requests, allowing you to always be on top of all your onsite and offsite operations.

Periodic tasks

Forget about long and tedious administrative tasks – we’ve got you covered. Frontu allows optimizing and automating periodic and recurring administrative procedures so that you and your team could focus on what matters the most – providing excellent service.


Add customized questionnaires and surveys after each task is completed. Your clients can fill them out to let you know about the service quality and other important performance metrics to help you improve the business.

Task templates

No more filling out the same information over and over again. All you need to do is build a template that can be used to create a new task window and allow the information to be filled in automatically.

Standardised materials and jobs

Save time by using standard materials or jobs to fill out task requests. The feature allows creating job and material descriptions and templates that can be used for as many task request as they seem to fit.

Status tags

Bring clarity to your facility management operations. Create custom status tags to sort and filter tasks and notify others about the task progress.

Customer portal

Ensure customer service transparency and reduce human errors. The Frontu Customer platform allows you to create a customer role where your clients can register and manage tasks to speed up the service and improve communication with field workers.

Frequently asked questions

What is Facility Management Software?

Facility management software is a digital solution that helps field service companies with assigning and managing tasks, keeping up to date with customer requests, scheduling employees, and ensuring building maintenance measures.

How does facility management software work?

Facility management software specifics depend on each individual service provider. But most of the solutions in the market offer a broad spectrum of digital functionality designed for a growing business. Major features include process optimization, task and team management, route planning, and communication with customers.

What are the types of facility management?

Facility management refers to building maintenance, and it can include many different services. Facility maintenance types are: 

  • Cleaning services
  • Security services
  • Fire safety
  • Transportation
  • HVAC
  • General maintenance

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