Solar Field Service Software Solution

With the solar industry maturing into a $1.75 billion annual market, solar companies are looking into field service management software to ensure optimal performance.

From real-time visibility of inventory and frontline workers to installing, managing, and maintaining solar panels, Frontu is the ideal solution to improve business processes and field service operations.

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Why choose Frontu as your solar field service software

  • Cutting-edge inventory maintenance and management
  • Automate task and workforce scheduling
  • Centralize operations in one platform
  • Real-time communication with field technicians
  • Track and measure employee performance
  • Keep working without the Internet

Field Service Management Software For The Solar Industry

Frontu is not a tool that helps operations, it’s a solution you can base and build your operations on. Here are some of the ways Frontu can bring some light to your daily workflow and overall business processes.

From pen & paper to management software

Paper-based processes are slow, inefficient, and error-prone. The renewable energy industry is innately steeped in tech and tracking operations and workflow on a piece of paper is out of place. Using solar project management software will allow operations managers to track assets, access data, communicate with the team, and make informed decisions from the comfort of a mobile app.

Increase efficiency for your solar business

Efficiency is the ability to send the right technician to the right location with the right tools and complete projects on time. By doing that, you are decreasing costs and installation time. Frontu might not be solar software but it can be a game-changer for your company’s efficiency. It can help with the automation of your operations, preventive maintenance of solar power equipment, and the scheduling of tasks.

Data analysis for better management decisions

Frontu can give you a single, consolidated view of the lifecycle of your entire operation. The best part? You get access to simple, user-friendly dashboards that visualize data findings. Knowing what your clients demand, will help you adjust your solar service delivery and give them more relevant and timely solutions.

Sell more maintenance contracts

One of the biggest revenue streams for solar power companies is the maintenance of equipment following the initial installations. Frontu gives you all the data and information you need to automate the preventive maintenance process and offer your customers the solution and services they need.

Solar Software FAQ

What is solar software?

There are different kinds of solar software like customer relationship management software, system design software, financial risk management software, and more. Frontu has elements from most of these systems, essentially being an all-in-one platform for operational efficiency.

How big is the solar industry?

The market size, measured by revenue, of the Solar Power industry, was $10.8bn in 2021. It’s is projected to reach $223.3 billion by 2026.

What are the challenges faced by an operations manager in the solar industry?

Some of the most common challenges faced by operations managers are routine inspection and servicing of all plant equipment, restoring operation of broken equipment, handling a budget, documenting the records of each activity at the site, maintaining a healthy work environment, and more.

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