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What you’ll find on our Case Study pages

  • Actual numbers measuring the impact on cutting costs, increasing productivity and more
  • Step-by-step breakdown of each company’s journey
  • Analysis of pain points and how our features helped ease them out
  • First-hand quotes and accounts from C-Level executives using Frontu

Case Studies

View some of our latest case studies and see if you recognise any similar pain points we can help you with

Vilniaus Vandenys Case Study

Vilniaus Vandenys is the largest water management company in Lithuania, supplying drinking water and wastewater to over 276,000 customers. The Company holds a Drinking Water Supply and Wastewater Management Licence granted by the National Energy Regulatory Council (NERC) and operates in the territory of Vilnius city municipality, as well as in the municipal territories of Vilnius, Švenčionys, and Šalčininkai districts.

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Helping Refugees Case Study

From January 2023, Frontu being used by the Lithuanian Red Cross, Lithuanian Food Bank, Order of Malta Relief Organisation in Lithuania, Caritas Lithuania to provide help and assistance for war refugees after the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

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Coffee Address uses Frontu (formerly Tasker)

Coffee Address

We helped Coffee Address build a modernise and digitise their operations across 300 employees and 12000 vending machines. Learn more about their journey.


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We helped Alwark improve the efficiency of handling manual paperwork, field service worker operations management, and invoicing. Technician productivity increased by 30%, with a 10x in document processing and admin time savings. Learn more about it. 


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Lithuanian Post

When the Lithuanian Post reached out for help, we knew this project had added cultural significance as we would be able to influence the imprint of Lithuanian daily life. We helped LP increase the productivity of postmen, digitise their operations, enable real-time workload monitoring and more.

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Grinda maintains more than 2,500 km of stormwater trunk mains, 66,000 manholes, 32,000 rainwater collection wells and 25 wastewater treatment plants. We helped them efficiently plan and distribute tasks, respond to emergency calls as fast as possible and more.

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Baltic Agro Machinery case study

Baltic Agro Machinery

Learn more about how Frontu helped Baltic Agro Machinery save more than 20,000 euros in admin and repetitive tasks.

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Grifs AG case study

Grifs AG

Grifs AG is a security company specialising in flat, house and garage security as well as mobile patrolling and video monitoring. When they came to us asking to optimise and digitalise their operations, we saw a great challenge and opportunity.

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