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The telecommunications and broadband industries keep our digital lives ticking on – Frontu is the engine that makes it all possible. Frontu is the FSM software that simplifies broadband field service operations.

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Why Frontu is the best broadband field service software

  • Enables instant communication with field service technicians
  • Automates repetitive and detailed tasks
  • Allows you to manage all operations through a field service app
  • It includes a customer relationship management functionality
  • You can schedule preventative maintenance
  • Digitilizes manual processes

Field Service Management Software For The Broadband Industry

Frontu has designed a variety of tools and features that support the diverse and dynamic nature of the broadband industry. From asset, fleet and warehouse management to tracking your workforce’s productivity, Frontu is an all-in-one platform for new-age field service management.


Automate scheduling

Double-bookings, arriving late due to traffic, last-minute changes and missing deadlines are all byproducts of inefficient scheduling. With Frontu, you can track the location of vehicles and technicians, use the calendar to have an overview of all tasks and update task information in real-time so technicians are always in the know.

Internet is neither a prerequisite nor a barrier

A broadband field service software surely needs the Internet to work, right? Not necessarily. The team at Frontu understands the remote nature of the broadband field technicians occupation which means that while the solution needs to be digital it can’t be reliant on Internet coverage. Technicians can keep working on the Frontu app in off-the-grid locations, making the most of the powerful offline feature.

Embrace the power of data

Frontu is not merely a tool that helps you manage workflows, optimize routes, and centralise operations – it’s a foundational piece for business success and development. The ability to extract data, analyse it and present it in a digestible manner, allows your broadband business to make smarter, data-based decisions. Frontu is a business strategy tool as much as it is a project management software.


An integration-friendly solution

Frontu plays well with other software. Our mission was to create a field service ecosystem that other solutions can plug into in order to customise and elevate your user experience. From Power BI and Google Sheets, to Fleet Complete and Zapier, Many of our broadband users have integrated with Odoo, a suite of open source business apps that cover areas such as CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, and more.


Warehouse add-on

Managing inventory becomes a whole lot easier with the warehouse add-on. Control all your equipment in real time and help your workforce to select the material or equipment from the warehouse while on the field of work. Technicians can also see the remaining number of each item left in the warehouse.

Broadband Software FAQ

What are the broadband industry’s main operational challenges?

The broadband and telecoms industry is facing operational challenges in areas such as service configuration, invoicing, order fulfillment, and payments due to the wide array of products and customized solutions. Operational managers have more and more on their plate and need more help from digital tools.

How big is the broadband industry?

The market size value in 2021 was estimated at USD 385.28 billion and is projected to reach USD 706.94 billion by 2028.

What is broadband software?

Broadband technicians and distributors have difficult and demanding jobs. They do anything from installation and maintenance to the repair of telecommunication systems. Fortunately, Frontu’s broadband field service management tools can help with making those tasks much easier. Broadband software can deliver a variety of features and tools to simplify broadband operations.

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