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Monitor vending machines across multiple locations, collect data insights about your service, and motivate your team. Just one tool for all your operations.

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Why choose technician-first field service management software?

  • Motivate your team by providing them with job autonomy and bonus programs using Frontu
  • Avoid unnecessary social contact, protect your employees, and ensure service efficiency with contactless signing options
  • Get instant records and insights about your vending machines in different countries and schedule product reloads and equipment maintenance
  • Connect multiple departments no matter where your team is based. Share information, customer details, and progress insights to be on top of all your business operations

Features to help your service thrive

Manage your team in real-time

Reach your team and manage their work in real-time wherever you are. Employees can register task statuses, log in their progress, and client requests, allowing you to always be on top of all your onsite and offsite operations.

Optimize periodic operations

Forget about long and tedious administrative tasks – we’ve got you covered. Frontu allows optimizing and automating periodic and recurring administrative procedures so that you and your team could focus on what matters the most – providing excellent service.


Integrate Frontu with your favorite tools

Frontu offers a broad selection of add ons that help us deliver exceptional service to your business. We also provide fast integration through API or using Zapier. We keep updating the list to be up to date with the latest features and solutions.


Add customized questionnaires and surveys after each task is completed. Your clients can fill them out to let you know about the service quality and other important performance metrics to help you improve the business.

Digital and remote signing options

Reduce paper waste and embrace sustainability with digital signing options. Your customers can sign documents and finished tasks right on a tablet or a special device and save data on an electronic archive. If you want to limit social contact, use our contactless options: a QR code or NFC tag.

QR/NFC tag scanning

Save time by using QR codes and NFC tags. This functionality allows you to scan a unique code on a vending machine and instantly get all the job details. When the assignment is completed, the customer can also scan the code and finalize the task by signing it digitally.

Business intelligence integration

Collect raw data from different apps and platforms to turn it into comprehensive reports. We offer an integration with industry-leading business intelligence tools like the Microsoft Power BI solution to ensure smooth and efficient insights into your business.

Warehouse integration

Never run out of materials and equipment. Our equipment feature allows creating, editing, reassigning, installing, removing, and adding jobs/materials to tasks and warehouse information. You can move the equipment from the object to the warehouse and vice versa.


IoT Integration

Embrace digitization with predictive maintenance functionality. The feature automatically detects equipment failures and missing products in vending machines, then registers them on the Frontu platform as a task.

Add-ons used by vending management companies

Contractors add-on

Manage contractors by linking a few separate Frontu accounts or integrating them with Pingin.

99 €/user/year
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Knox Manage add-on

Provide your team with secure and durable devices. Knox MDM allows remote device tracking with device management and a lockdown app.

8 €/device/year
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Vending Management FAQ

What is a vending management system?

A vending management system is a digital software designed to help vending companies track vending machines, allocate responsible employees for maintenance, ensure safety measures, and manage daily operations digitally.

What is a field service management system?

A field service management software is a technician-first digital system designed to take care of a company’s resources and employees, that work outside headquarters, company premises, or on the client’s property. A digital solution helps gather information from different departments into one system where both employees and management can plan tasks, track assets, and assess the company’s progress. 

Who uses field service management software?

FSM software is designed for field service companies to manage their front-line workers better. Any size business can benefit from digital solutions like field service management systems as such tools give you more control of service operations. 

Have other questions?

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