Frontu + Fleet Complete Integration

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Why integrate Frontu with Fleet Complete?

  • Get real-time updates on routes and tasks
  • See vehicle information like model, license plate, and location
  • View details like employee start and end time, duration in minutes
  • Optimize routes and scheduling
  • Access the user’s trip history
  • Centralize operations for easier access and better management


See how the integration can help your business

Task & communication management

Allocate tasks to the nearest car and technician to increase efficiency, improve reaction time and customer satisfaction. Eliminate communication mistakes, and get more out of your workforce. 

Calculate travel expenses

Accurately measure task costs by calculating associated travel expenses. Give your customers fairer and more transparent pricing. 

Centralize operations on a single platform

Track frontline workers, tasks and vehicles on the screen. A centralized view for a smoother operational experience.

Keep working offline

No more WiFi, Internet or pen and paper dependency. Work offline, and collect digital signatures to move tasks over the line faster.

Integration FAQs

Who uses Fleet Complete?

Fleet Complete is the fastest-growing telematics provider in the world, a GPS tracking solution and asset management software giving companies visibility and operational control over their vehicles, mobile workers, cargo, and stationary assets. 

Why should I integrate Frontu + Fleet Complete?

To combine the tracking and control of your vehicles and assets with field service management. It’s the ideal package of services for a modern company that wants to stay on top of their assets and workforce.

Do I need separate Frontu and Fleet Complete licenses?

Yes, separate licenses are needed in order for the integration to take place. 

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, a free trial is available. 

Do you have more questions?

If you have other questions on the integration, contact us via chat!

See how Fleet Complete + Frontu can simplify your operations

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