Frontu + Google Sheets Integration

Integrate with Google Sheets to visualize your data, save time and simplify common spreadsheet tasks. Accessible even offline.

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Why integrate Frontu with Google Sheets?

  • Everyone can work on the same spreadsheet at the same time, enabling teamwork and collaboration
  • It’s accessible offline, making it possible to work in remote locations
  • Don’t stress over saving your work as all your changes are automatically saved as you type
  • Get an overview of your data, from informative summaries
  • Create formulas, tables and templates to automate data gathering and save time
  • Empower frontline workers with a tool that is popular, easy to use and brings immense value to their work


See how the integration can help your business

Stop taking notes, start building spreadsheets

Field workers can move away from manual note-taking and move towards creating meaningful tables, charts, and formulas. The information they gather on-site can now be stored and presented in an accessible, editable and re-usable manner.  


automate your processes

Pre-made templates save you time

With Google Sheets, you get access to a variety of already existing templates that can save you time and make your life easier. Templates such as budgets and schedules come in handy for the field service verticals. 


Keep working even when there’s no Internet

Internet or no Internet, your workforce can keep on working without any distractions. The information and data is stored while you work offline and as soon you are back online, it’s seamlessly synced without missing a beat. 



Import/export data with ease

Whether it’s the schedule for the entire workforce, the list of the newly acquired trucks or a record of your inventory, importing and exporting data into Google Sheets is simple and easy. Create centralized documentation of all your assets without having to worry about formatting. 


Integration FAQs

Who uses Google Sheets?

Anyone and everyone. This is such a versatile tool that is used with the same ease by people who simply want to create a class presentation with charts and business conglomerates that want to manage and handle their operations. 

Why should I integrate Frontu and Google Sheets?

Because it is the easiest way to create spreadsheets that your team can view and edit at all times. It’s a powerful tool that enhances collaboration and gives your data new life. Data is no longer sitting in raw format, waiting for you to make sense of it all. You can easily turn them into tables, charts and digestible insights that can instantly increase productivity and efficiency.  

Do you have more questions?

If you have other questions on the integration, contact us via chat!


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