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Why integrate Frontu with Pingin?

  • Manage tenant contract management
  • Access entry management
  • Automate invoice distribution
  • Create a semaless workflow between employee and office administrator
  • Resolve maintenance problems in a few clicks
  • Generate detailed employee reports


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Simplifying facility management

Pingin offers a facility management solution for office administrators and workers. Dealing with buildings and premises requires a certain level of maintenance and operational management. Frontu helps Pingin users to register issues, problems and mulfunctions through the app and automate the repair process.

Timely notifications

Emails, phone calls, messages and a lot of effort and resources wasted in the back and forth between facility managers, employees and contractors. With the Frontu-Pingin integration the office administrator seamlessly registers the issue via Frontu customer app and the contractor receives the task with an instant notification.

Generate employee reports

Tracking your employee’s productivity is the foundation to maximizing the potential of your resources, setting up accurate KPIs and creating a data-driven business. Create employee reports with ease and manage your workforce more efficiently.

Centralize operations

Bringing your facility management operations under one roof is the most important benefit of this integration. Managing to seamlessly combine the daily running of your business with the repair and maintenance part, adds immense value by saving time, reducing manual work and optimising resource-use.

Integration FAQs

Who uses Pingin?

Pinging is a property management accounting and tenant experience management software mainly used by landlords and property managers.

Why should I integrate Frontu + Pingin?

To simplify the repair and maintenance process of the buildings and spaces you’re managing. Frontu opens an automated channel of communication between employees, managers and contractors where every step of the way is recorded and digitised.

Do I need separate Frontu and Pingin licenses?

Yes, separate licenses are needed in order for the integration to take place. 

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, a free trial is available.

Do you have more questions?

If you have other questions on the integration, contact us via chat!

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