Get Help From Our Analysts

Our analysts can help you map and analyze existing processes to identify opportunities to make them more efficient

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Why do you need an analyst?

  • Receive expert overview of main problems in existing processes
  • Get the most out digitalisation opportunities by combining Frontu with ERP or CRM solutions
  • Identify first steps to make improvements
  • One-to-one attention and time with the analyst

Analyst Packages

Choose the one that suits you best

Basic Package

Get a Frontu analyst to help you summarize and analyze your processes. The analyst will then present you with a summary of their findings and suggested solutions.


Premium Package

With the Premium Package, you get everything included in the Basic including more time spent on your 3rd-party integrations and how they can seamlessly work with Frontu.

Custom Pricing

What you get with Frontu

Analysts will help you customise the solution, but what do you really get with Frontu?


Real-time team management

Know what your technicians are up to at all times by tracking their location, their work status, feed them new information and communicate with them while they are on location.

Offline mode for no interruptions

Frontu works perfectly without the Internet to keep your workflow uninterrupted even in the most remote and difficult situations. Everything you create during the offline mode will be synced on the cloud once you’re back online.

Field customisation

Customisation does not stop at our analyst packages. Frontu allows you to customise task fields to mirror your processes and make it easier for you to utilise.


What is a field service management system?

A field service management software is a technician-first digital system designed to take care of a company’s resources and employees, that work outside headquarters, company premises, or on the client’s property. A digital solution helps gather information from different departments into one system where both employees and management can plan tasks, track assets, and assess the company’s progress. 

Who uses field service management software?

FSM software is designed for field service companies to manage their front-line workers better. Any size business can benefit from digital solutions like field service management systems as such tools give you more control of service operations. 

What is the best field service software?

The best field service software is the one that can serve your business needs. It’s essential to choose a service provider that specializes in your niche and serves companies your size.

Want to optimize your FSM operations?

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