Frontu + Zapier Integration

Automate email service requests and turn them into tasks with all the necessary information

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Why integrate Frontu with Zapier?

  • Automate workflows with a single trigger
  • Set your own rule sets with bespoke filters
  • Make your processes smarter by adding multiple outcomes to each workflow
  • Save time by not digging through emails for information
  • Configure what information is inserted into Frontu
  • Format data such as currencies, dates, phone numbers on the fly


See how the integration can help your business


Turn emails into tasks

Field service management companies are used to receiving service requests through emails. That creates a constant need to search through the mailbox, gather information and create tasks for technicians, exerting time, resources, and effort. With Zapier, this is all automated with a single trigger.

Create tailored filters

The luxury of creating filters that fit your workflows ensures that the right information will reach the right destination. No manual work, no possibility of errors and more time to focus on the things that matter.

Track your automations

Being able to track the history of your automations allows you to adjust workflows that are no longer producing desired results. Troubleshooting becomes easy and simple.


Enhance the customer experience

Turning email service requests into fully-fledged tasks will significantly decrease the time to completion. Customers will enjoy a faster, more efficient service. With customers happy and tasks being completed, the rate of work will also increase noticeably.

Integration FAQs

Do I need to know how to code?

No. The integration happens through a very simple process that requires no prior development knowledge. 

Who uses Zapier?

Zapier is used by any company, in any field of work that is looking for easy-to-build workflows that can automatically handle the tasks that slow them down at work. The simple API integration format allows Zapier to integrate with all of your favourite apps, software, and platforms. Passing data between your apps becomes a seamless experience. 

Why should I integrate Frontu and Zapier?

Because it’s the perfect way to automate your field service management workflows. The process of transforming a service request sitting in a mailbox into an actionable task on Frontu, saves you time, effort, resources and instantly increases productivity. 

Do I need separate Frontu and Zapier licenses?

Yes, separate licenses are needed in order for the integration to take place. 

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, a free trial is available. 

Do you have more questions?

If you have other questions on the integration, contact us via chat!


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