Grifs AG Case Study

The GRIFS AG security company was founded in 2002, providing services that range from flat, house and garage security to mobile patrolling and video monitoring. When they came to us to optimise their operations, we saw a great challenge and opportunity.

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Grifs AG case study

Why Grifs AG needed our help

  • Better invoicing
  • Task allocation
  • Plan and delegate tasks
  • Faster delivery times

How Frontu has helped Grifs AG

Grifs AG came to Frontu with one goal in mind – automate operational processes, save time and cost and offer their clients a leaner, more modern service.

Grifs AG case study operations

Improved operational efficiency

Companies fall into loop cycles of doing things the way they are used. Grifs AG wanted to revisit their process from beginning to end and infuse it with a more modern touch. Automate the tasks that could be automated, avoid the possibility of errors and fast-track tasks from delegation to delivery. Using Frontu saw an instant impact of 30% increase in service operations.

Grifs AG case study invoicing

Faster invoicing

Invoicing clients can prove to be a long and arduous process – lost paperwork, back and forth, wasted time and an overall clunky affair. With Frontu, Grifs AG was able to digitise their invoicing initiatives, making the experience seamless for the customer and efficient for their own operational cycle.

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