Why Frontu is a Better Alternative to Serfy

Frontu is a user-orientated alternative that brings better reporting, access to data and filtering options.

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Why choose Frontu over Serfy?

  • Detailed calendar view
  • Adaptable task creation
  • System customization
  • Meaningful reporting

Put an end to inefficient processes, wasted time, and piles of paper documents hindering your business operations. Digitize your entire field service management workflow with Frontu.

What you get with Serfy
What you get with Frontu
Overview / Statistics
Limited Filtering
Number of statuses
Can only be an address
System customization
Stand. materials / works
Completed tasks
Materials used / work performed
Route planning
Customer rating
Digital signature
Feedback questionnaires
Offline mode

Benefits of working with Frontu

Calendar view offers you clarity

Frontu’s powerful calendar view allows you to see daily, weekly and monthly overview of tasks, technicians and equipment assignments. 



Detailed task creation

Create tasks, assign them to employees, change task ownership along the way, edit the type of task or mark scheduled time with the click of a button. 


Advanced customization

Each industry, each company and each use-case requires different features and applications from a field service management software. With Frontu, you can tailor the software to your needs. 


Reports that make sense

Generate reports that tell you things like task duration, equipment used, technicians assigned to tasks, customer feedback and notes on level of task difficulty. 


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