Why Frontu is a better alternative to Norgate

Frontu is a better alternative to Norgate for companies who want a centralised solution for all their operational needs.

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Why choose Frontu over Norgate?

  • Frontu supports integrations with leading management tools and platforms
  • You can keep working even without the Internet
  • Frontu is a specialized FSM solution, Norgate is an IT company
  • There is a deeper level of detail when it comes to task creation and management

Put an end to inefficient processes, wasted time, and piles of paper documents hindering your business operations. Digitize your entire field service management workflow with Frontu.

What you get with Norgate
What you get with Frontu
Features and funcionality
Integrates with industry-leading tools
Task creation and management
Advanced level of detail
Market fit
Norgate is an IT company
Frontu specializes in the FSM industry
Works without the Internet

Benefits of working with Frontu

No Internet, no problem

The heart and soul of the FSM industry lies with the people that work on client premises, away from company headquarters. Frontu allows field workers to do their jobs in remote locations without the Internet. Data is safely stored on Frontu and downloaded when the platform is back online. 


A solution designed for FSM

Frontu is not one of our solutions, it’s what we specialize in. Being a company that is devoted to creating an FSM product gives us an edge over competitors like Norgate who double in rental or e-commerce solutions. We live and breathe FSM, puting all of our resources into creating the best solution in the market. 



Create tasks with an unparalleled level of detail

When it comes to creating, managing and updating tasks, we offer you the luxury to customize fields and create templates that mirror your exact workflow. There are no preset options to choose from and we don’t guess what you need. We give you the autonomy to create tasks that you and your team will understand and be productive with. 


Integrate industry-leading solutions

From Google Sheets and Zapier, to Jira and Fleet Complete, Frontu can easily integrate with some of the most prominent project management tools and productivity platforms. 


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