Why Frontu is a better alternative to Joblogic

Frontu is a better alternative to Joblogic for companies who want a better user experience using the platform.

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Why choose Frontu over Joblogic?

  • Supports integrations with leading management tools and platforms
  • Better platform design, better user experience
  • Keep working without the Internet
  • Greater detail in task creation and management

Put an end to inefficient processes, wasted time, and piles of paper documents hindering your business operations. Digitize your entire field service management workflow with Frontu.

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Benefits of working with Frontu


Better UX design

User experience is one of the most underrated aspects of choosing a FSM software. Frontu was designed to help you find whatever you need in the least amount of clicks and taps. The platform is intuitive which makes it easy to use for managers and technicians alike. 


Online or offline, you just keep working

Frontu has ensured that you can use the platform with or without the Internet. You are in no danger of losing your data, progress or work as everything is stored and uploaded on the cloud as soon as you are back online. 



Task creation with attention to detail

Task creation is often a limitation for FSM solutions as you can only insert basic information that doesn’t mirror a task’s level of complexity. With Frontu’s custom fields you can build a task template to reflect reality.  


Industry-leading integrations

Frontu is the foundational piece to a larger pool of company needs. Allowing you to integrate with tools such as Google Sheets, Zapier, Jira, Fleet Complete, and more productivity apps immediately boosts your team’s efficiency.

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