Why Frontu is a better alternative to Pen & Paper

Put an end to inefficient processes, wasted time, and piles of paper documents hindering your business operations. Digitize your entire field service management workflow with Frontu.

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Why choose Frontu over Pen & Paper?

  • No more lost documents
  • Collect signatures remotely
  • Fast-track task completion
  • Track progress

Comparison table

Compare and contrast the differences between Frontu and Pen & Paper

Frontu brings your operations in the digital era.
Pen & Paper
What you get with Pen & Paper
What you get with Frontu
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Manage your team in real-time
Have a copy of every single document safely stored
Measure progress automatically
Remote signature collection
Remote invoicing
Efficient time and task management
API integrations
Pen & Paper
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What you get with Frontu

Never lose another document

Handing out or collecting status reports, invoices, and agreements on paper is a long process that often results in document loss. With Frontu, all your records are stored in a digital archive. 



Improve time and task management

Frontu helps you get organized with a digital environment where all the tasks are registered on the system, allowing you to track employee progress in real-time and schedule their work smarter. No more phone calls, misunderstandings, double-bookings, and frustration.


Get more things done

Completing a task from beginning to end takes time. You have to make sure to deliver your services without missing anything, collect client signatures, and eventually send invoices. With Frontu, you can create, track and complete tasks through an app, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. 


Collect signatures remotely

Getting a customer’s signature after a task is completed seems like an obvious move but it gets challenging when customers can’t be on-premise at the time of the visit. With Frontu, you can collect signatures remotely, effortlessly. 


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