Why Frontu is a better alternative to Remato

Frontu is a better alternative to Remato for companies who want a more diverse solution that is not limited to the construction industry. Get a platform that works according to your needs, not one you have to settle with according to its limitations.

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Frontu vs. Remato

  • Supports integrations with leading management tools and platforms
  • Frontu supports more sectors within the FSM industry, not just construction
  • It’s more customizable to fit your specific needs
  • There is a deeper level of detail when it comes to task creation and management

Put an end to inefficient processes, wasted time, and piles of paper documents hindering your business operations. Digitize your entire field service management workflow with Frontu.

What you get with Remato
What you get with Frontu
Specific to construction industry
Applicable to more than just the construction industry
Features and funcionality
Limited integrations
Integrates with industry-leading tools
Task creation and management
Advanced level of detail
Can be tailored to your needs

Benefits of working with Frontu

One solution, one industry, many sectors

The field service management industry goes beyond the construction sector. From heavy equipment, facility and vending management, to utility, HVAC and security management, Frontu addresses pain points such as task complexity and management, shifts, route optimization and more, giving users greater flexibility and a more comprehensive solution.  


A solution designed for what you need

Our team works in direct collaboration with you to map out and create bespoke solutions to solve your problems. Each company, each team and each use is different and we don’t expect you to use Frontu straight off the shelf. Customization is key and we’ll do our best to solve your problems. 



Task creation and management is a white canvas

When it comes to creating, managing and updating tasks, the variables differ according to the FSM sector, manager, team and scope of the project. We don’t make you choose what types of tasks you create. Instead, we give you the freedom to create custom fields and build your task templates the way you see fitting. 


Integrate industry-leading solutions

Frontu gives you the option to integrate some of your favourite apps, tools and platforms in order to supercharge efficiency and boost productivity. From Google Sheets and Zapier, to Jira and Fleet Complete, the choice is yours. 


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