Samsung Knox

Frontu powered by Samsung Knox is the ultimate FSM combination for more productive front line workers

Enhanced Customer Service

Frontu clients often expressed concern that despite having one system to manage field technicians, they still lack control when it comes to supervising devices or installing system updates. The issue inspired us to look for ways to improve user experience, and as a result, we came across Samsung Knox.

Samsung Knox is a system that secures a device and allows it to monitor it remotely via the admins’ platform. Now, Frontu clients can install operating system updates, run troubleshooting, or adjust configuration settings regardless of the device’s location. The platform has several security features to protect the system and equipment from malicious attacks. The software can be customized with computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other devices.

Samsung Knox Benefits to Frontu Clients

At Frontu, we use Samsung Knox to optimize our customers’ work and enable efficient workflow with no interference. How does it work? A designated employee can track devices and assist in the case of a system’s failure or any other occurring issues. Other team members that have connected devices don’t have to worry if there’s a bug or something is missing, because the central system can spot and solve these troubles remotely.

Frontu powered by Samsung Knox enhances our customers’ task management procedures by saving time and allowing them to solve interferences and continue with a task instantly.

Despite impeccable security monitoring and the time-saving remote solution, the platform also has the advantage of applying custom policies and regulations depending on a user and company.

Main Features of Samsung Knox

Samsung developed a versatile platform to meet different demands. The system has various versions integrated and can operate depending on specific business needs.
Samsung Knox Manage is a cloud-based EMM (enterprise mobility management) feature that enables a system admin to control the deployment process remotely. The functionality allows the central system manager to regulate Wi-Fi, VPN, APN, exchange, firewall settings. It also authorizes to configure employees’ email accounts or install apps on employees’ devices.

Samsung Knox Manage has application black/whitelist, app store restrictions, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microphone force, and GPS on/off functionalities.

The software has functional restrictions implemented: camera, screen capture, external SD card, data usage, which guarantees better protection to its users.

Despite numerous features, Samsung Knox has a Configure element that supports setting up connected devices automatically. It’s a practical feature that saves time for your team and your clients.

Configure feature:

Supports one-time deployment of settings, content, and apps.
Customizes the appearance of the Home screen and Locked screen.
Deploys company-branded booting and shutdown animation files.
Allows turning off or on: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, Airplane mode, apps.

Many issues with a set of devices come after a new operating system update. Knox E-FOTA (Enterprise Firmware-Over-The-Air) feature refreshes Samsung devices with the latest OS updates. These updates can be installed remotely ensuring higher security levels and eliminating software bugs.

If you run a large enterprise, then you know the struggle of managing a large number of devices. Samsung developed the Knox Mobile Enrollment feature that enrolls multiple devices automatically. So, you don’t have to spend hours looking at a computer screen and trying to type numbers correctly. An admin enters data, and the system automatically links devices.

Samsung Knox for Enterprise

Samsung Knox is integrated with different consumer needs and has several versions to meet the growing demand for data privacy.

Samsung Knox for Enterprise edition delivers significant levels of security and data privacy. It was developed to benefit highly regulated enterprises and governmental organizations where every piece of information is sensitive to external threats. The platform protects the company’s privacy, regardless of how many devices the team uses.

Samsung Knox for Frontu Clients

We developed a Frontu field service management system to help our clients reach their highest potential. Therefore, we have to progress along and find new methods to boost their business efficiency. Samsung Knox helps to save tons of time. Instead of dealing with system updates and numerous devices, you can optimize your business and focus on what matters the most. On top of that, you get the highest data protection to cut out any external perils.