Why Frontu is a better alternative to ERP

ERP software focuses on back-office operations such as accounting, project management, resource, and balance control. Frontu can do so much more than that.

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Why choose Frontu over ERP?

  • Get control over your technicians’ productivity
  • Simplify task and route planning
  • Warehouse balance tracking
  • Track inventory levels, job history logs, invoicing, reporting

Time to understand the differences between Frontu and ERP

Resource scheduling
Can perform general scheduling tasks like booking an installation date after a purchase order comes through
Schedule depending on skill-set, location, or availability
Establishing the original asset record derived from a manufacturing or sales order
Track the work performed, parts consumed, fault codes and more
Contract management
Record of what the customer is entitled to in terms of: pricing, replacement parts, service level agreements (SLAs)
Track warranty, labor, preventative maintenance, service level agreements (SLAs) renewals, scheduling

Never worry about losing documents

Handing out or collecting status reports, invoices, and agreements on paper is a long process that often results in document loss. With Frontu, all your records are stored in a digital archive. 

Seamless design for better navigation

Good design does not just make things look better. Its purpose is to help you find where things are, guide you through the process and allow you to stay engaged with the solution until you find all the answers you need. Frontu is designed as such and we never stop iterating and improving the way the solution looks.

Detailed task creation

Task creation is often a limitation for FSM solutions as you can only insert basic information that doesn’t mirror a task’s level of complexity. With Frontu’s custom fields you can build a task template to reflect reality.


Integrate with popular industry solutions

Integrations are a big part of why users love working with Frontu. With an already stacked suite of tools and services, Frontu allows you to plug in some of the leading work management tools and products. From Google Sheets and Zapier, to Jiraand Fleet Complete, get more out of Frontu with a simple integration.

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