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The Understated Importance of Field Service Management Strategy

When talking about field service management, the word “strategy” is not one you’ll see being used very often. The FSM industry has been operating under such a strict and rigid form that market participants followed the blueprint that was put in front of them. 

The evolution of service operations management and the specialization of software to address specific sectors is slowly yet steadily breaking that mold, making room for strategic decision-making. Nowadays, managers get to choose between Security Management SoftwareHeavy Equipment Software, or any other digital solution that solves vertical-specific problems. 

Field service managers can now work from a position of power. Their decisions are no longer centered around logistics and administrative tasks but around productivity, ROI, and increasing efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at what field service management strategy means through the prism of today’s FSM ecosystem. 

What is Field Service Management Strategy?

A field service strategy is a long-term plan of how to deliver cost-effective and customer-focused services while keeping field service technicians engaged and motivated. A modern strategy seeks a fine balance between doing more with the resources you have while increasing customer satisfaction. 

Field service organizations are now understanding the difference between simply using field service management software to solve daily problems and using them as part of a greater, long-term plan. 

How to Use Field Service Management Solutions Strategically 

  • Digitize and centralize all processes: It all starts with a digital field service management solution that can host all your operations under one roof. Knowing that tasks, suppliers, customers, materials and all other facets of your operation are visible and accessible by everyone makes life easier, simpler and more efficient. It also reduces costs and helps you improve customer service. 
  • Focus on cost: Talking of costs, a strategic approach allows field service companies to identify areas of cost savings. Having a transparent, digital solution gives visibility into equipment and resources, makes it possible to plan for preventive maintenance, order materials in advance and more. 
  • Create a personalized customer experience: One of the most important parameters of using modern field service management tools is getting access to real-time reporting and analysis. Extracting value from data allows field service management teams to adjust and refine their services to reach higher customer service levels. We live in the era of personalized experiences and customers expect companies to give them solutions that speak to their needs. 
  • Involve the customer: Field service management success is predicated on the quality of service delivery. A business-critical function that can affect your overall strategy is involving the customer in the execution of the task in real-time. Giving your customer base visibility on how the task is progressing and the ability to give feedback creates a different dynamic and a deeper relationship between the field service team and the customer. 
  • Turn your mobile workers into decision-makers: In the pre-field service software era, a mobile worker used to have a very limited and predefined role. They used to go in, resolve tasks, repair equipment, support customers on-site and deal with the technical aspects of the job. If you look at things from a strategic standpoint, helping field service employees develop into more diverse roles can expedite results and success greatly. Field workers can gather invoices and feedback on-site, as well as upsell services to the client. They can become brand ambassadors and business development reps, giving your field service organization an instant competitive advantage over the competition. 

The Untapped Potential of Field Service Management Strategy 

We’re still in the early days of FSM strategy. The space is still open for interpretation and the companies that will manage to use FSM software as a strategic tool will be the ones that will rise to the top fast. Modern technology is evolving at a rapid pace and keeping up means so much more than simply using the software. 

New technologies need to have a strategic role when trying to navigate changing circumstances. Do your research and choose the software that can help you set up your strategic plan. 

Arūnas Eitutis
Founder & CEO

Arūnas is spearheading the Frontu efforts as the company’s CEO but still finds the time to share some of his knowledge, expertise and experience in the FSM sector through our blog.

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