Baltic Agro Machinery Case Study

Baltic Agro Machinery sells construction and agricultural machinery while providing professional maintenance and repair services. In this line of business, prompt work is crucial, as a simple machinery hiccup can bring an entire project to a standstill.

Baltic Agro Machinery case study

Why Baltic Agro Machinery needed our help

  • Get more order and clarity – who is doing what and how long does it take
  • Help with day-to-day operations
  • Easily plan and optimize workflows
  • Efficiently distribute tasks to technicians

How Frontu has helped Baltic Agro Machinery

When Baltic Agro Machinery decided to come to Frontu for help, they essentially wanted to change the entire operational model of the company. They moved from manual to digital operations, automating and streamlining their day-to-day workflows.

Baltic Agro Machinery case study facility software copy

Less paper documents, less mistakes

Using Frontu has resulted in 100% digitisation of all company work, eliminating paperwork and bureaucracy. Not only did they save money by moving away from paper documents, but they also reduced the number of mistakes and misunderstandings caused by unclear handwriting. No more deciphering or searching for lost documents. Everything is clearly and safely stored online.

Baltic Agro Machinery case study customer satisfaction

Increase in customer satisfaction

Frontu was an instant success amongst customers. What they mostly enjoy is the immediate response they receive once they report a new problem. When clients notify the company with a new problem via e-mail, a task is immediately created in Frontu. The customer can then log in to the system and see when the technician will arrive, the task timeline and even a detailed report of what has been done. Frontu involves customer in the process and grants them full transparency and communication with Baltic Agro Machinery.

Baltic Agro Machinery case study Digital audit

Digital audit trail

Employees no longer have to carry around paper copy forms, which can have illegible entries or get lost altogether. The company is able to generate and send the report to the client as soon as they confirm that the work has been done. There is no longer any dispute about what has been done, what technique was used and when it was repaired – everything is recorded and not forgotten.

Baltic Agro Machinery case study Optimised processes

Optimised processes for a grand-scale operation

Baltic Agro Machinery has 25 mobile service teams that carry out regular maintenance or go out to repair breakdowns on short notice. With Frontu, they can distribute tasks to mechanics working in different cities, see the availability of specialists several days in advance and centralise internal communications on a single platform.



In the space of first half a year, we saved over 20,000 euros

Using Frontu lets us eliminate work backlogs, and minimise problematic situations. The savings total about 600 working hours during that time.

Kestutis Andrulionis – Service Manager

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