Helping Refugees Case Study

From January 2023, Frontu being used by the Lithuanian Red Cross, Lithuanian Food Bank, Order of Malta Relief Organisation in Lithuania, Caritas Lithuania to provide help and assistance for war refugees after the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

Challenges, Solutions & Progress

Lithuania has become one of the preferred destinations for Ukrainian war refugees. Daily different organisations provide aid and Frontu has become a reliable sidekick to eliminating paperwork, easily onboard volunteers, and manage distribution of 3k+ various humanitarian aid per month.

Processing thousands of applications at a time

Unique temporary ID number is provided for each newly arriving refugee. This number is used to make sure refugees will get one-time aid packages. As several organisations are providing the same aid packages it is important to ensure spreading humanitarian aid evenly. Frontu provided the possibility to avoid errors and ensure alignment between all organisations.

Quick changes, fast results

Previously, all organisations used different systems that were not aligned, causing issues. Starting from 2023, all organisations began using Frontu and significantly simplified their workflows to make all formal procedures into a seamless experience. Our solution is used in all branches across Lithuania, enabling organisations to focus on providing the aid refugees deserve.

Saving time and the environment

Frontu has also significantly reduced the amount of paper used by all organisations as all of it was replaced by digital documents. Additionally, our team offered a simplified workflow that had only the necessary features and required just few clicks to collect digital signature as a proof for provided humanitarian aid.

Frontu makes it easy

Often, onboarding people to a new software solution is one of the most difficult tasks. Frontu provided no such challenge to volunteers from all organisations. One or two completed tasks was all that was necessary to understand how to use the system. Such a low learning curve and ease of use allowed all organisations to start using the solution for all organisational procedures with very little additional preparation.

Communication is key

In order to help the organisation achieve the goals we adapted the existing task execution workflow and offered them the solution that met their needs. Not everyone must understand IT. That is why we strive to understand our customer needs and offer the best possible solution based on our 10+ years of experience. 

We hope that our solution will continue to serve the needs of all organisations involved in providing the aid the Ukrainian war refugees deserve.

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