Helping Alwark Digitise Their FSM Processes

When Alwark saw the possibility of improving the efficiency of handling manual paperwork, field service worker management, and invoicing, it reached out to Frontu for help. Our team provided a tailored solution to help Alwark with its challenges.


All the problems faced by Alwark were a result of handling operations manually. Managing field workers and equipment was laborious and inefficient. The team worked with a limited number of KPIs and they wanted an analytics tool to help them expand their list. Additionally, planning and communication between headquarters and on-field workers was a challenge. 


How we were able to help

Frontu was able to help in all the areas Alwark was facing challenges instantly.

The results have been impressive

What’s important to note is that while Alwark primarily wanted to use Frontu to get rid of manual paperwork, they saw a lot more benefits spread across the team when implementing the solution. 


Numbers never lie

Using Frontu, Alwark was able to automate most of its FSM operations and radically change the way it works. 

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