Lithuanian Post Case Study

The Lithuanian Post employs more than 4260 people and delivers more than 30 millions letters per year.

Why the Lithuanian Post needed our help

  • Increase the productivity of postmen
  • Digitise their operations
  • Reduce the potential number of human errors
  • Enable real-time workload monitoring

How Frontu has helped Lithuanian Post

When the Lithuanian Post decided to turn to Frontu, they essentially changed the daily routine of the modern postman. They made their life much easier and empowered them to do their job at a higher level.

Better relationship between postman and consumer

When you can simply sign on a tablet for receiving your package or request a package return online, without having to go to the post office, creates a smoother relationship between you and the mailman. Frontu elevated the customer experience to a different level.

Real-time task monitoring

Frontu allows the team at the Lithuanian Post to have clear visibility of the workload at all times. That means they can allocate resources more efficiently and ensure that all mailmen complete as many tasks as possible.

Reduce the possibility of human error

Delivering mail is an innately error-prone process. By turning to Frontu, Lithuanian Post was aiming to digitise its process and limit human intervention in the planning and scheduling of tasks. The result was reducing the number of paper waybills that no longer need to be filled in and stored. 

Lithuanian Post – a symbol of change

We see this client as the perfect example of modernising, optimising and digitising operations of a traditionally set up business. By placing their faith in Frontu, LP were able to drastically change the way they work. To give you an example, mobile work tablets are now controlled remotely using the Samsung Knox app, which makes it much easier to maintain the devices and shorten response times.

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