Coffee Address uses Frontu (formerly Tasker)
Arūnas Eitutis | 22 December 2021

Coffee Address Case Study

Vending Machine Field Service Management Software

Challenges, Solutions & Progress

Coffee Address is the number one vending company in the Baltics, providing self-service premium coffee and convenience food. With more than 300 employees and 12000 vending machines, Coffee Address is dominating the market by providing top-notch services. Frontu (formerly Tasker) plays a vital role in making that happen by optimizing and simplifying the company’s daily business operations.

Vending Machine Managemenet Software

Coffee Address Was Faced With a Series Of Challenges

Running a business of this magnitude raises the level of management and operational difficulty. Coffee Address had to iron out a lot of inefficiencies in their workflow to keep the coffee flowing.

Coffee Address and Frontu

A Relationship That Developed Over Time

Building a modern, digital operations unit takes time and thankfully, Coffee Address had the patience and persistence to work with us to create something we are both proud of.

Coffee Address results of using Frontu (field service management)

Attacking Problems Head-On

What we were able to achieve is truly remarkable. The team at Coffee Address is enjoying a more structured, efficient and optimal operational structure that has helped the company thrive.

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