Grinda Case Study

UAB Grinda is responsible for the operation, repair and maintenance of the stormwater engineering networks owned by Vilnius City Municipality. The company maintains more than 2,500 km of stormwater trunk mains, 66,000 manholes, 32,000 rainwater collection wells and 25 wastewater treatment plants.

Why Grinda needed our help

  • Efficiently plan and distribute tasks
  • Respond to emergency calls as fast as possible
  • Create a service history log for every team
  • Save photographic footage from each job site
  • Receive customer feedback on the quality of their work
  • Communicate information and data in real-time

How Frontu has helped Grinda

Grinda has been using Frontu since 2017, simplifying the communication of information to all work units, allowing for fast, objective access to data from any location.

Data analysis for informed decision-making

From the number of completed tasks per employee and the number of tasks completed over specific reporting periods, to detailed event history for each client and object, Frontu allowed Grinda to squeeze value out of numbers. The ability to access, gather and analyse data allowed the company to improve the timing and content of their decisions. 

Supervising contractors

Frontu allows Grinda to control and monitor the work of contractors until the final result is achieved in accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Lithuania.


Adding a visual element to project coordination

In the past, all comments were communicated verbally to the contractor, but with the introduction of Frontu, the coordination of the project and the site inspection are recorded in photographs. This makes it easier to follow updates, comment and communicate.

Real-time information updates and customer feedback

All information is organised in real time in a database and becomes a service history log for each crew. This helps to ensure proper service delivery to Vilnius residents, archive the photographic footage from the site, and receive customer feedback on the quality of the work performed. 



Here is what Grinda management had to say about Frontu

With Frontu, there is no room for interpretation or inaccuracy. The re-inspection of the site is carried out on the basis of the already drawn-up report – all that remains is to check that the defects identified in the report have been corrected and that the comments have been taken into account. This reduces the number of acts, shortens the inspection time and speeds up the decision-making process.

Vilius Ankėnas – Head of Surface Sewage Network Development and Projects Division at Grinda

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