Vilniaus Vandenys Case Study

Vilniaus Vandenys is the largest water management company in Lithuania, supplying drinking water and wastewater to over 276,000 customers. The Company holds a Drinking Water Supply and Wastewater Management Licence granted by the National Energy Regulatory Council (NERC) and operates in the territory of Vilnius city municipality, as well as in the municipal territories of Vilnius, Švenčionys, and Šalčininkai districts.


Managing the work performed for such a large number of customers presented a significant challenge for Vilniaus Vandenys. The company needed to manage the working hours of a large group of employees while ensuring that necessary data was conveniently collected and reports of completed works were presented to clients. Additionally, with over 600+ employees, managing the team’s workflow became increasingly difficult.


Frontu proved to be the reliable solution for Vilniaus Vandenys’ to manage field service operations. With our proprietary software, we helped the company to digitalise processes related to water meter management.  The software is also used to provide certain commercial services and to execute technical maintenance without the need to use paper. Required data is automatically synchronized with the other two systems used by Vilniaus Vandenys to get maximum value from using multiple digital solutions.


Since implementing Frontu, Vilniaus Vandenys has been able to improve its workflow management significantly. The company now manages the work performed by its employees more efficiently, allowing it to offer improved customer service. Reports of completed works are presented to clients promptly, ensuring they receive the best possible service.

More details

Frontu solution comprises multiple actions that can be performed on water meters, such as replacing old meters with new ones, installing entirely new meters or simply recording meter readings during inspections. 

Our solution is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics Navision ERP and Saperion e-archive of documents to synchronize the data eliminating the need for manual entry and improving efficiency. 

Our software serves the company to move forward in the digital transformation journey. With a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, Vilniaus Vandenys and Frontu are committed to providing innovative and effective solutions for water management.

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