Arūnas Eitutis | 19 August 2021

Tasker (Taskertools) Rebrands as Frontu

Tasker Closes Seed Round With a Total of 1.3M EUR Investment and Rebrands as Frontu.

Over 7 years ago, we started working with the idea that would eventually become Tasker. Our journey as a startup began in 2018 when we secured the first investment of 300.000 euros. Two years later, in 2020, we again proved the potential of our solution and landed another investment of 450.000 euros.

Now, we are excited to announce an even bigger leap forward! We recently closed a seed round with a significant 550.000 EUR investment, ending totaling up to 1.3M. The investment came from four investors: Open Circle Capital*, LT Capital Poland, Kair Käsper, ex-Pipedrive Director of Product Marketing, and iTo Group

The new investment will help our teams to develop our solution, expand it to foreign markets, attract bigger clients, and help them transform their business to the servitization model. 

*Open Circle Capital manages more than €20 million in assets and invests in Lithuanian companies engaged in the development of high-tech products. It has already made investments in 16 companies.

The fund was established as part of the implementation of the financial instrument of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania “Early Stages and Development Fund I”. INVEGA has allocated EUR 13.8 million to the fund.

New markets and focus on technicians and engineers

Currently, we are among the leading FSM providers in Baltic countries, but we are testing the waters in Poland and planning to expand to other European countries. The investment acquired this year will accelerate this process and allow us to hire more experts and analyze the industry to gain market advantage. 

In addition, our goal has always been to serve companies and their frontline workers by giving them more autonomy and advanced tools that make their work smoother. 

Thus, field workers are always at the core of what we do, they are at the forefront of our product, services and goals. As a result, our R&D project aims to touch upon the pain points and areas that trouble the frontline employees the most: daily workflows, automatization, usability and more. 

As proof of our commitment to innovation and new technologies, we will be focusing on enhancing our solution with the newest advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our team will receive help and guidance from Kaunas Technology University’s (KTU) data scientists in order to ensure proper implementation of the technologies. This is one of many steps Frontu will take to stay at the forefront of FSM technology. 

“We have always been a technician-first mentality company. Now we can invest even more to make those frontline employees fully autonomous. It might sound odd, but our goal is to move decision-making to the frontline so that jobs could be executed much faster, and customers would be happier. We already have all the needed big data segmented by our targeted industries to achieve that goal. We will continue to do what we have always been doing – helping field service businesses grow by consulting, digitizing, and transforming their services to a servitization model.” said Arūnas Eitutis, CEO of Tasker (now Frontu).

With the strong industry know-how and tailored add-ons, we seek to empower people in the front lines of field service. Our tools will help them elevate their performance, reach their full potential, and showcase skills.

Consistent growth since 2018

In 2020, the Tasker team was composed of just 10 experts. Since then we have doubled the size of our team, however, even that hasn’t proved enough. We continue to grow and now we have more new open positions and are looking to attract the best talents out there who could contribute to developing our FSM solution. 

Our FSM solution has already made sweeping changes in the way our clients approach frontline work. For some, it has saved them hundreds of hours of technical work per month, turning that into massive savings.

So far, we have already helped our clients from 16 countries to complete more than 30 million tasks. Some of the global names we serve are Circle K, Nestle, Coffee Address, Lithuania Post, Vilniaus vandenys, Caps Group.

The newest investment will fully enable us to pursue greater goals than ever before. Our technology aspires to be the primary tool in the arsenal of the modern frontline worker and with our current and future capabilities that may soon become a reality.

Tasker turns to Frontu

We are doubling-down on our focus on helping frontline workers do their best. In order to best reflect our dedication to the goal of bringing an enhanced field service management experience, we are changing our name to Frontu.

One of the main reasons for changing our brand identity was to truly show our focus on simplifying and streamlining the work of frontline workers. Their work has always been challenging. Advancements in technology should be there to assist them, solve problems and help them find solutions. Our CEO Arūnas Eitutis, reveals why Frontu is focusing on frontline workers.:

“The brand change didn’t come easy to us; it’s challenging to go from Tasker, as this name has been with us for many years. But we wanted to engrave that Tasker’s main focus is on the frontline employees. They are the ones who shape the field service management business, and we want to position ourselves as a company that is technician-first.” he explained.

  • To truly show our focus on simplifying and streamlining the work of frontline workers. Their work has always been challenging. Advancements in technology should be there to assist them, solve problems and help them find solutions.

Being able to adjust, calibrate and refine has been part of our DNA since day 1. It has allowed us to thrive in such a tradition-focused and rigid industry. Now, it is time to take the next step in our pursuit of digitalizing the FSM sector and empower front line workers with the tools they need to shine. Even superheroes use gadgets and we believe that Frontu will turn frontline workers into everyday heroes. We are ready for our journey, are you?

About Frontu

Frontu is a field service management software provider focusing on frontline field service workers. We deliver a digital solution for field service companies that enables them to save time and resources, optimize business processes, and improve employee well-being. We offer versatile functionality and tailored add-ons to bring the next level of field service management experience.

Arūnas Eitutis
Founder & CEO

Arūnas is spearheading the Frontu efforts as the company’s CEO but still finds the time to share some of his knowledge, expertise and experience in the FSM sector through our blog.

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