Frontu FAQ

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How can I see tasks where the customer was unsatisfied?

You simply use the “rating” filter within the task window in the backend environment and see tasks based on the customer’s experience.

Can our customers create user profiles by themself?

No, users can only be created within the backend environment you have access to.

Can I find information about all tasks related to my project?

Yes, you can use the tag feature to filter out unnecessary tasks. Tag all tasks associated with your project and use the filter accordingly.

How can me and my customers find information about reaction time?

The information will be available within the final report.

Is it possible for each dispatcher to just see their office tasks?

Yes, dispatchers may filter out their office tasks by selecting their respective office.

How can I see tomorrow’s tasks?

Navigate to the calendar view and see tasks allocated in the next days, weeks, and months.

Can I create tasks by myself?

Yes, you can create tasks by simply selecting “Create new” at the top left corner within the backend environment. Technicians can also create tasks if needed through their portal.

Is it possible to create objects for technicians? How can I enter coordinates if the task location is in the park?

Yes, it is possible to extract coordinates by selecting the dedicated button in the New Object window, as well as with putting a pin on the map.

How much does Frontu cost?

The cost varies depending on Your needs. If you only need to manage your work, delegate tasks to your technicians and have the reports in one plate, it can cost you as low as 29€/month/user. The more advanced version with more functionalities goes up to 59€/month/user. You can always navigate to the Pricing page found at the top of our Homepage to find a detailed breakdown of our fees.

Is it possible to send an invoice?

The Frontu app will only generate the Completed Task act. It will have the information of materials used, hours spent and jobs done. We can also send this information to your external accounting program through integration so you can generate the invoice there.

Is it possible to integrate with CRM or ERP software?

Yes, the integration is possible with external CRM or ERP. You can find more information on our dedicated resource page.

Can we assign and plan tasks for people in the office?

Tasks can be assigned to office users (“Administrator” and “User” roles) as well. Although Frontu is not designed for these users, you can include them in the process.

Can we add information about the payer on PDF?

Yes, Frontu generates a Completed Task Act with the Supplier information on the top left side and the client information on the top right side.  

Can we calculate working time for app users?

Yes, the application starts the clock right after the app user clicks the button “Start task”. Inside the application, you will see the 2 different time measures as indicators for how long the user was working on a certain task: “Total time spent on task” and “Time left to log”.

What device specs do you recommend for optimal use?

Minimal system requirements are:

  • Android 5.0 or up
  • At least 2.0Ghz CPU
  • At least 2GB RAM
  • At least 8GB of storage
  • At least 5-inch screen diameter
  • A camera is also needed if you want to use QR code scanning features.
Can I add an additional report, field, view?

Our “Custom field module” allows all kinds of custom fields. Fields can appear on the finished task report, or they can only be used internally for you. You can always change the different information sections by clicking on the “Arrange” button. If you want to change their placing, just click and drag the desired section to a new place.

Is there any support after I buy a Frontu plan?

Yes, our live customer support is available between 9:00 – 17:00 (EET) through this little icon in the web application.

Also, you can always use our Help Center. Support from the app is available if you go to Menu > “Chat with a person”

How do I turn on/off the map in the calendar section?

Go to Calendar > Calendar settings > Show map

Can we make Periodical Tasks appear sooner than 7 days?

Yes, any time you want, but you will need to add them manually. 

Can you edit a completed task?

Yes, you have to reopen the task, click Detailed view, and you can edit the task from there. For more information, please check Task reopening and act regeneration.