Arūnas Eitutis | 8 June 2022

What is a Job Sheets Template? Benefits, Importance, and a Free Sample

Field service management is a sector that has long been working in a templated form. In the past, we have talked about the importance and utility of the job cost sheet. Today, we will go into a similar exploration with the job sheet template, as it’s one of the most commonly used documents in FSM operations. The document is changing, evolving alongside the rest of the industry. 

How is the template evolving, what should you be looking to get out of it and how can you take the next step in improving your FSM operations? Let’s find out. 

What is a job sheet template?

A job sheet is a document that outlines all the relevant information about a job, task, or project. Field service technicians use the information on the sheet to start a job and add more information as the job’s requirements change along the way. By the end of the project, the job sheet becomes a valuable source of information about the requirements, execution, and results of the project. 

Job sheets start as helpful guides and end up being project roadmaps. The idea of a job sheet template has evolved but before we jump into the modern iteration of the template, let’s first investigate what you should be looking for in a job sheet. 

What should you look for in a job sheet template?

Job sheet templates do not come in standard form or content as they are greatly affected by the industry they serve. In saying that, they do have to cover a lot of the same areas. Here are some of the most important details that should be included in a job sheet template. 

  • Customer details: This one is a no-brainer. A customer’s address, telephone, VAT number, and email are the foundational pieces for creating a solid customer profile. 
  • Project details: Job and project details work the same way customer details work. Address, category, order number, and description create a detailed module with everything you need to know about a specific job. 
  • Materials used: The names, codes, and quantities of materials are crucial to keeping track of stock. 
  • Site visit timesheet: Technicians can log in the time they spend on each site. By doing so, you can have a clear picture of the time and resources necessary to complete a job. 
  • Notes: This section is great for general feedback on the job such as customer thoughts, technician challenges, and additional requirements. 
  • Attachments: Written content on its own can often be too heavy on the eyes and difficult to navigate. Modern job sheet templates come with space for visual aids, pictures, graphs, and attachments that add more value layers to the sheet. 

Our free job sheet templates include all the fields you’ll need to help manage your jobs efficiently. If you want to take it a step further, you can use the Frontu software that covers all these areas in a digital form. 

Job Sheet Template Details File Format: The Frontu Version

What’s better than a beautifully designed, detailed job sheet template? A digital one. With Frontu, every single thing you want from your own job sheet, you get in a digital form with an abundance of benefits attached to it. 

Job description, job details, task description, and contact details are updated in real-time and are accessible by everyone at all times. No more printed paper, no manual work, no printing, and no stress about storing and finding files. All the details and data are safely stored and can help you, as a business owner, analyze productivity, meet a job’s target date, and move away from clunky Google sheets, MS Word Pages, and Google docs practices. 

Your current process can be automated and it no longer has to be time-consuming. 

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