Arūnas Eitutis | 16 November 2021

Do You Really Need Dedicated Service Dispatch Software?

A field service management workflow is long, complex, and challenging. From field service scheduling and preventative maintenance to job site communication and GPS tracking, each workflow stage needs its own dedicated software. Here are examples of the different software types attempting to digitalize the field service management space:

What if we told you that all of the above could be found in one, end-to-end, comprehensive field service management software solution? Before revealing the answer, let’s first break down what service dispatch software is, why it’s the unsung hero of field service management and why you definitely need to address it as soon as possible.

What is service dispatch software?

Service dispatch software optimizes routes, assigns the right job to the right technician, provides real-time navigation, and more. The best thing about it? It’s all done on the technician’s mobile device, speeding up field service processes and giving field technicians the independence they need to be successful. Here is a list of features you can expect to find in a good service dispatch software:

  • route planning and GPS tracking
  • automated schedule notifications and real-time mobile alerting
  • preventative maintenance alerts
  • equipment tracking
  • real-time job details and job locations
  • technician schedules
  • service history

As you can see, there’s a lot service dispatch software can do for service dispatch businesses and field service companies alike. It’s important to understand though, that the pain points and needs of a field service management company are too many to put on a list. Can you imagine the operational chaos if you need dedicated software for each step of the FSM workflow?

Modern field service management companies need a homogenous working environment that handles all phases of the business process. You need just one platform from route optimization, scheduling projects, and collecting customer signatures to contract management and assigning technicians the right job.

Service dispatch software should be a feature of a bigger ecosystem and not its own separate solution. A field service technician should open their mobile app and tap into any stage of the field service management workflow they need to. The nature of the industry is so dynamic that there is no time to waste switching between platforms. Even the best service dispatch software can’t cover the needs of the mobile workforce.

Field service dispatch software vs. Field service management software

If you want to figure out the difference between the two and decide which solution is better, look no further than Frontu – a technician-first field service management software that enables the mobile workforce to increase their productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and schedule jobs more efficiently. This is a smart service solution that covers all your needs on one platform.

Let’s have a look at what makes Frontu better than traditional dispatch software.

Dispatch solution

If you’re going to claim the position of a dedicated dispatching software, you need to match, if not surpass,,, the dispatching features it provides. Frontu has integrated with the leading asset management software provider, FleetComplete to help businesses efficiently schedule and control their vehicles, cargo, and stationary assets. 

Field service managers can just pull out their mobile device, open the Frontu mobile app, access the dispatch board, and immediately gain insight to vehicle tracking, job location updates, mobile workforce location, GPS tracking, and improve dispatch efficiency in real-time.

Customer management

Now, let’s move on to the features and capabilities that make Frontu a complete field service management software and place it above standalone dispatch software. Customer relationship management is critical for any successful business. With Frontu, you are in constant and close communication with your customers, ensuring that you are providing stand-out service at all times.

Customers can place their service requests into the system and that will turn it to a task. This simple automation can save time for both the manager and the field service technician. That’s not all.

Field technicians no longer have to be on the job site to get a customer to sign an invoice, a document or a contract. That can happen remotely, through the Frontu mobile app. What’s more, Frontu allows user reviews giving your service business real-time feedback and insights on how to do their job better.

Intelligent scheduling

Job scheduling is one of the most critical systems in field services. Frontu gives users total transparency on the status of tasks, the location of mobile workers, and the availability of vehicles and equipment. That creates the opportunity for a dynamic field service scheduling environment where nothing falls through the cracks.

No more worrying over multiple technicians doing the same job. Employee management and resource scheduling are easy, accessible, and efficient.

Customize your process with tailored fields

Frontu is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We understand that each field service business has its own processes and workflow, making customization a necessity. Users should not have to adapt to a field service management solution but the solution should be versatile enough to adjust to their needs.

Frontu allows users to create custom fields for tasks, customers, objects, equipment, and materials. No need for job management software or any other software to manage or assign jobs.

Offline mode keeps you working without Internet

Working in remote locations means that more often than not you will be working without the Internet. Does that mean Frontu will suffer from the same problem all other mobile apps do? The answer is, no. Frontu has developed an offline mode that allows your smart device to function with or without a signal. You keep on working and once you are back online, the app will load all the work you have done to the cloud.

Our software advice: Don’t settle for anything less than everything

Frontu is a mobile response software, job management software, field service dispatch software, and anything else you need it to be. Our advice when choosing software to improve your operations is to not settle on solutions that are limited but get as much as you can for your money’s worth.

Here are Frontu’s pricing plans to get an idea of what you get with each plan.

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