Get Even More From Using Frontu

Our analysts can help you map and analyze existing processes to identify opportunities to make them more efficient

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Why do you need additional services?

  • Get personalized recommendations tailored to your service processes
  • Get the most out of digitalization opportunities and synchronize data between systems
  • Help you to automate existing processes and workflows
  • One-to-one attention and 10+ years of technical expertise to cover your back

What you get with Frontu professional services

Our team will take care of the technical side of things, leaving you free to focus on what really matters.

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At Frontu we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional professional service packages that cater to all your needs!

Our team will take care of the technical side of things, leaving you free to focus on what really matters. We’ll delve deep into your processes and digital footprint to provide you with expert recommendations on how to optimize your services or automate workflows. All of this comes in easy-to-understand service packages with clear pricing and bottom-line value.

Let us help you take your business to the next level!

Business process mapping session

Helping companies identify areas where they can improve in their digital transformation journey. Companies could reveal opportunities and inefficiencies by mapping out the digital tools involved in business processes.

Assistance on integrations through API and integration support

We are covering the required preparations to identify integration scope and specifications. In addition, we are providing assistance with Frontu Client API and supporting implemented integrations.

If you don’t have tech acumen – no worries we will have your back.

Workflow automation implementation and support

Automation can significantly improve the efficiency of your service processes. Every manual process with a clear set of rules that can be automated. We can customize Frontu to meet your service process requirements by automating existing processes within your account or with external systems (eg. email, sms, and other solutions).

Processes optimization review & recommendations

With 10+ years of experience we are able to help you identify service process improvement opportunities and suggest how to get more value from using Frontu. All recommendations are tailored to your specific needs.

End result -> overview of identified issues with suggestions on eliminating them.

Custom integration

Integrated systems reduce the need to execute manual work and automate your service operations. Frontu can be integrated with any system using Public API. We are able to execute any integration and configure required data synchronisation triggers between systems.

Professional Services

Integrations and automation can help businesses flourish and reach their full potential. Be among the leading field service companies.
Make first steps in process automation
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Save more time and decrease costs
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Accelerate with the help of automations
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1 discovery session
1 business process mapping session
Assistance on integrations through API and integration support
Workflows automation implementation*
Workflow support
Processes optimisation review & recommendations per year
Simple custom integration
Free monthly operations for integrations
Complex custom integration
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What is the cost of professional services?

The costs are from 999 to 1999 eur. per year depending on selected pro service package. Details here –

Can I modify my professional service plan?

Yes, the plan can be changed once per year during renewal. You will be able to upgrade the plan at any time if you see the need to get more value. Just contact us!

What are examples of implemented workflow automation?

Examples of implemented automation solutions: 

  • The option to prefill the task field automatically (warranty expiration date)
  • The possibility of sending SMS to customers based on configured rules related to task statuses
  • The ability to create tasks automatically based on a set of rules; 
  • The option to define custom task periodic logic to plan maintenance based on specific agreements with customers
  • The possibility to change act information automatically by moving certain information to make it hidden from customers
  • The option to create a related task with a certain task type based on defined triggers (e.g. customer confirmation)
In what ways can SMS be utilized?

Additional rules to trigger sending SMS can be configured on top of existing Notification add-on options.

What activities are included in a process optimization review?
  • Survey to review existing process in a meeting format
  • Performance audit based on Frontu usage
  • Recommendations tailored to identified opportunities for process optimization
  • Final review with a Q&A session in a meeting format
What to expect from process optimization recommendations?
  • You will get insights about your service process from an external expert based on data and industry knowledge
  • We will identify the main issues within your service process and provide you with possible solutions to tackle them using existing Frontu functions
  • You will receive personalized recommendations tailored to your service process as opportunities for improvement
What solutions are available for implementing integrations?

All other systems with public API (preferably REST API) access or the ability to create web services. Meaning, that your digital solution should give us the ability to get or post data to synchronize it between systems based on agreed rules and frequency.

We have experience in integration with multiple solutions or consulting on how to use Frontu Client API. Overall it is not important to us what solution you are using. To implement integration with it we just need it to support data exchange with API.

What are examples of simple integrations?

Possible examples are:

  • Spare parts (materials) synchronization between systems, including technician warehouses
  • Sending task information to the accountancy system to issue an invoice automatically
What are examples of complex integrations?

Custom integration includes data synchronization with multiple entities (customers, objects, tasks, equipment, materials etc.)

What do I need to do to order professional service?

Reach out to your dedicated CSM. If you are not sure who it is simply request a free consultation about professional services via online chat so we can help to pick the right plan. Or book it here!

Want to optimize your FSM operations?

Do not hesitate to contact us to see how professional services can help you.

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