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Arūnas Eitutis | 11 November 2021

6 FSM Sectors That Can Benefit From Service Tracking Software

Field service management software used to be an option for field service companies but not a widely accepted solution. At its core, the field service industry is all about manual processes – field technicians getting their sleeves up and their hands dirty on the job site. So the idea of business software that solved all their problems seemed too good to be true. Where there is smoke, there is fire, though.

Field service management software has come a long way since its inception, developing into a hybrid solution that deals with multiple aspects of business needs. From job management and advanced scheduling to updating the job status, assigning jobs, and simplifying complex processes, service software is has become the Swiss army knife of field service operations.

Its versatility is often the reason why people mistake it for customer relationship management or project management software. The truth of the matter is that field service software is partly all of the above and a whole lot more. Its versatility is actually not just limited in its key features but the industries it’s applicable for. Good field service management solutions focus on challenges and pain points that trouble all field service industry verticals.

Today, we’ll have a look at 6 field service management sectors that can

Heavy equipment

The heavy equipment industry is one of the most common field service management software use. cases. While it gives service managers working in this sector the same job management features available to everyone, what the heavy equipment industry benefits most from are route optimization, preventive maintenance and equipment GPS tracking.

In this sector, it’s important to never run out of materials. Frontu’s field service management solution allows creating, editing, reassigning, installing, removing, and adding jobs/materials to tasks and warehouse information. This level of detail allows you to proactively service your equipment before it malfunctions and interrupt your business processes as well as access your asset’s service history.

Moreover, our FleetComplete integration allows visibility to both equipment and field workers, knowing what is where at any given point in time.

Facility management

Using Frontu’s field service management app gives you mobile access to facility management features and capabilities. Schedule on-site shifts, cleaning services and build customer relationships through your mobile app. Ensure the facility undergoes the right maintenance, it’s secure at all times, and that each team member knows their job.

Involving the customer in this process can be crucial to your service delivery. Frontu allows you to get instant feedback from your customers with customizable questionnaires, giving you real-time access to what they like, what they don’t, and what you need to change.

Vending management

The vending management sector has a lot to gain from field service automation software. You can improve inventory management by monitoring vending machines across multiple locations, collecting customer data insights about your service, and increasing customer satisfaction.

By minimizing machine downtime you ensure a higher level of customer experience. Get instant records and insights about your vending machines in different locations, schedule product reloads, equipment maintenance, all on a unified platform and accessible through your mobile device in a few clicks.

Security management 

The security management vertical has its own unique characteristics. Service businesses in this sector need to worry about guards management and scheduling, time tracking and progress, as well as real-time updates, notifications, and customer requests.

Frontu’s field service management software gives you the mobile capabilities necessary to streamline security management operations. Managers, technicians, and shift-workers alike can simply use their mobile phones to do ensure they are on the same page and boost customer satisfaction.

Utility management

Utility management is a very demanding, multi-faceted FSM sector. Frontu field service management software allows technicians to take pictures and upload them directly to the system, speeding up the restoration process. Your mobile workforce is dealing with elements such as water, sewage services, electricity, dams, and natural gas and they need all the help they can get.

With Frontu, you can reach your team and manage their work in real-time wherever they are, as well as insert customer information directly on the platform and share it amongst service teams.

HVAC management

The HVAC sector is closely related to customer satisfaction. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are some of the pillar services used in our everyday life. Field service companies that deal with these services need all vital information in one place. From customer job history, and employee progress, to materials and equipment details Frontu is not only an operations software but a platform that drives customer satisfaction and business growth.

HVAC trends come and go but at its core, the sector needs a centralized solution that offloads work from customer service teams and increase productivity for on-site technicians. With Frontu, you can automatically detect system or equipment failures and instantly turn them into a task. That way, you can save time and offer a better service.

Arūnas Eitutis
Founder & CEO

Arūnas is spearheading the Frontu efforts as the company’s CEO but still finds the time to share some of his knowledge, expertise and experience in the FSM sector through our blog.

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